Prepping for the move Load 'em up!
Prepping our replica for the move
Loading our Flyer into the moving van. The forklift held position while the moving van was backed into the airplane!

Smiling once again
With the airplane safely loaded, we can smile once again

Wright Brothers Memorial Bike Shop Shingle

Howard Marx is on the left, receiving a certificate and gift presented by Chuck Thomas. What is being presented was from the original Wright Bicycle Shop that had been torn down. Each shingle from that roof was saved and they had a gold plaque added to it. This particular shingle was a donation from a new friend to the project.

In the back, starting at the left are some of our team members: Wally Perry, Don Dotson, Wendel Seward, Bob Trelease, Bud Chamberlain and Ed Marin.

The Memorial to the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, NC.

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