1903 Wright Flyer Project

An activity of the Los Angeles Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Meet the Wright Flyer Team!

Active Team Members - Wind Tunnel Replica

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Jack Cherne Chairman - Pilot No. 4
Howard Marx Co-Chairman - Pilot No. 2
Fred Culick Project Engineer - Pilot No. 1
Bud Chamberlain Administration - Pilot No. 5
William Sparks Construction/Covering - Pilot No. 3
Bill Haynes Logistics - Pilot No. 6
Bob Trelease Rigging/Instrumentation - Pilot No. 7
Ed Marin Propulsion - Pilot No. 8
Arvin Basnight Historical Advisor
Hal Bloom R/C Models
Scott Duncan Video Documentation
Don Dotson General Support
Evan Huie Treasurer
Henry Jex Dynamics, Stability & Control
Joe Lander Fabrication & Machinery
John Latz Project Aerodynamics & Computer Support
Your Friendly WebMaster
Jim Mendrala Instrumentation
Gary Moire Structural Analysis
Wally Perry Fabrication & Machinery
Marilyn Ramsey FAA Display Rep.
Rich Russel Sensors, Electronics & Data Handling
Wendell Seward R/C Model
Steve Shackelford FAA Display Rep.
Chuck Thomas Photography
Rich Grimm Wind Tunnel Engineer
Walt Watson Wind Tunnel Engineer

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