Jan, 2002

In addition to building our second full-scale replica, we are involved in planning for a nationwide tour of our airplane that was tested in the NASA Ames wind tunnel and interfacing with the AIAA national office on various educational outreach and other promotional activies. Here is a photo of the regular Saturday meeting session discussing where we are on many different issues.

This is a birds-eye view of our work area and the construction in progress. To the lower left are Adolfo Ybarra and Don Dotson working the wood for the wingtips. Above them is the drawing table where Joe Lander, one of our designers, is developing the blueprints of the various assemblies and tools we need. In the middle of the photo is our test stand upon which we will mount our flightworthy engine for testing. Toward the lower right of the picture, Jeff Harris leads the assembly of one of the four warpable outboard wing panels.

These are our first "husband and wife" project members, Marilyn and Jeff Harris.... and their daughter (an AIAA Wright Flyer member-in-training)! She loves to come and help out. What a team! They are working on one of the new outer wing sections.

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