July, 2002

The AIAA Wright Flyer Project was recently visited by a film crew from NHK, the national public broadcasting system in Japan. NHK is producing three twenty minute films on the Wright Brothers and the path to the first flight to spark interest in science and technology among junior high school students. These films will be shown in the Japanese school systems during January, 2003.

Scenes from a typical work day at the Flyer Project.
(Quicktime movie format, click the image to play)

The Rocket Class visits the Wright Flyer
The AIAA Wright Flyer Project welcomes a group of Raytheon engineers. They were attending a class at Microcosm taught by Microcosm President Jim Wertz. On their break, they wanted to visit our project on site where the 1903 Flight Replica is in construction. Marilyn Ramsey, Wright Flyer Project Team member and Public Relations Officer, provides an overview of what we've done and where we are going. Thanks for visiting everyone!

John Lipscomb 
with the propeller hardware he is machining in his shop for our project
Here John Lipscomb shows some of his incredible work on fabricating pieces for the prop hubs and engine/chain drive.

The engine, hanging level The engine, hanging tilted
We hang our engine in order to obtail the center of gravity.

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