Our Kickoff Video
The AIAA Centennial of Flight Tour

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WTIC-TV Fox Student News
Giovanni Tomasi breaks the news

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My name is Giovanni Tomasi and I was the anchor for the Wright Brothers' Flyer story. When we discovered that this historical reproduction treasure was coming to our area, my cameramen Ryan Kortmann and Dan Cryan decided that this would be an excellent student news story for WTIC-TV and Fox 61 News.

The WTIC-TV Fox Student News story program is sponsored by our local Fox affiliate, WTIC-TV. The student news program is open to all middle and high schools in the state and we have enjoyed producing several stories for them.

If you have any questions please contact the webmaster and ask him to forward your message to our teacher, Mr. Thomas Dzicek at Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School.



The Start of the Centennial Tour

We lower the Flyer from her perch in the FAA Flight Deck Museum (1:42).

Lowering the Wright Flyer from her perch

  The Flyer is rolled outside and loaded into the tour truck (1:30).

Airplane emerging from the FAA Flight Deck Museum

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To have the Flyer fit in our semi-trailer, we first had to remove the canard (1:18).   After the canard, we removed the rudder assembly. By pure coincidence, the center wing box of the Flyer fits snugly into a standard length semi-trailer. (1:06)
Removing the canard   Removing the rudder
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