The Radio Controlled Model Flight Tests

The objective for flight tests with the R/C model was to investigate the effects of c.g. location and an automatic pitch rate feedback on the flying qualities of the airplane. As the model was not dynamically scaled, qualitative rather than quantitative data was obtained; but these flights did lend insight to the direction we should drive our full-scale flyable replica.

In the years since these flight tests, the builders of the replica have passed on. Having been a scratch built effort, this plane relied on the same blueprints from the National Air & Space Museum we used to build both our full-scale replicas. Thus, we do not have any plans specific to a 1/8th scale R/C model that we can release to the public. You may read about the specifications of the model and the subsystems here, or you may explore the various options to obtain your own plans for a Wright Flyer replica here.

Wing warping being checked out prior to flight (30 sec)

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More pre-flight preparations. Good detail views (30 sec)

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Starting up the model & final adjustments (25 sec)

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Taxi (30 sec)

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Takeoff (23 sec)

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Flight! (1:24 min)

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Yes, this one is kind of long, but it shows two important things. First, that with wing warp for roll control, it is possible to fly a coordinated banked turn, the breakthrough that was the key to the Wrights' success. Second, a safe (albeit bumpy) landing.


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