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Curiosity and Spirits of Challenge

(The Wright Brothers ) 


ウィルバー The seven years passed so quickly since we had thought of making an airplane.

ともか Only 7 years?  How could you make such great achievements in only 7 years?

ウィルバー Always be curious towards everything.

ウィルバー Always try to challenge new things.


ウィルバー Same is true with our bicycles.

ウィルバー Same is true with our airplanes.

ウィルバー But the best explanation is…


ウィルバー In my opinion,

ウィルバー Let me say it!

ウィルバー No, let me say it!

ウィルバー Me!  Me!


ともかStop that!

 ライト兄弟 ライト兄弟 OK, let’s say it together then.

ともか Oh, ok, I am ready to hear it.  What’s the best explanation?


ライト兄弟ライト兄弟 Team work!

ライト兄弟 Yes, Orville, let’s work on improving the flyer so that we can fly longer and further. 

ライト兄弟  Roger!


ライト兄弟ライト兄弟 OK, we’ve got to go.  Bye bye!

ともか Phew, they are gone!


ほりべえ Pipipi (Such unique brothers!) 

ともか Indeed, but they are such a perfect match.  Look, Horibei (name of the computer robot who talks Pipipi), there’s a vapor trail in the sky!!


ともか 2003 marks the 100th anniversary since the first flights by Wright Brothers.  There is an ongoing project to reconstruct the Wright Flyer and actually fly it.   


ともか The members consist of aerodynamics specialists, rocket engineers who participated in Apollo Projects, wind tunnel experts, and many other cutting-edge scientists.


“By making the Wright Flyer in the same way the brothers did, we are amazed at how the brothers’ techniques and ideas were strokes of genuine geniuses.  Humans have had desire to fly in the sky like birds since the ancient times, and they were the first ones to achieve that dream.  We would like to challenge the same dream.”
(Mr. Jack Cherne, the leader of the Wright Flyer Project)


ともか It’s been 100 years since the Wright Brothers flew the sky for the first time.  Their admiration for the big sky still keeps burning in the hearts of researchers.

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