The AIAA Wright Flyer Project has survived over the years through continuous dedication of its volunteers, the focus and drive of the project's leadership, and the generosity of numerous private and corporate benefactors along the way. For our trip from our airplane's home in Los Angeles north to NASA Ames in Mountain View, CA, where we will eventually test our airplane in the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex, transportation was donated by three companies which we would like to recognize:
The AIAA Los Angeles Section greatly appreciates and acknowledges the contributions of DeVries Moving and American Red Ball Trucking Companies, and in particular the driving teams of Lenny Riegel (American Red Ball) and Alan (DeVries). Without the generosity of both companies, and the skill and enthusiasm of their drivers, our trek north would not have occurred as smoothly as it did. Strange Cargo!
The AIAA Wright Flyer Project survives solely through volunteer labor and donations from supporting companies like Martin Chevrolet of Torrance, California, which generously donated use of a brand new 15 passenger van for our trip. AIAA Members Arrive in Donated Chevy Van - Thanks Chevrolet!

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