They followed me home..... Can I keep them?

Orville, Wilbur, and Me
Marilyn Ramsey with Orville and Wilbur Wright (circa 2003)

Seriously, these two actors have been playing Orville and Wilbur for three years now for the North Carolina festivities, and when they talk about the subject, they stay in character.  "My brother Wil and I......."   They walked around the airshow for a few minutes with me and chatted.  Their suits and shirts (with special collars) were custom made for the part.

I quietly asked them if they knew, however, that they were "out of uniform".  Then I handed them each one of our AIAA Wright Flyer pins.  You would have thought I gave them a new car.  ;-)   I thought they would say "Thank You" and put them in their pockets for later - however, they stopped in their tracks - and pinned them on immediately!

Everyone and their kids wanted photos with them.  They did a great job!! What wonderful good will ambassadors.

I was told by an event person that Fayetteville was the largest event to take place in North Carolina for the 2003 Centennial!

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