Setting up in Fayetteville, N.C.

Wright Flyer over hall


Our venue will not open until Monday. We got in on the previous Wednesday, 5/14, to set up. We had a great group of volunteers, as well as some very savy riggers to make the attached photos possible. It went very smoothly. The cradle, which I worked with the folks to build, fit like a glove on our airplane! Perfect!

Here are the photos. They are still setting up, placing "astroturf" on the floor, and exhibitors are arriving to set up their booths. Nick Engler from Dayton, is at the far wall in front of our airplane. They will be having an event one evening for the sponsors. Since I did not have access to the magazine rack, they set up a table right under the airplane for the brochures that just arrived from Merrie Scott (Thank you Merrie!). Since we only had one easel and two pictures, they found us matching easels from next door. This is almost as big as Houston!

Suspended Wright Flyer

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