Saturday, June 21, 2003: Van Nuys Aviation Expo

Volunteer Rich Grimm describes the Wright Flyer to an obviously interested visitor
(If anyone knows where we can get these shirts, please contact the webmaster)


Gary Moir points out some of the details of the Flyer to a member of the press

Getting a better view
John Latz fields questions from a future pilot and her father



Gary discovers, as we all have, that one cannot adequately describe the wing warping mechanism without using a little body english

One of the primary reasons the Project exists is to promote education


It really was wonderful talking airplanes with an interested and energetic crowd.


One of the wonderful things we have experienced on the Centennial Tour is meeting and sharing with others who share our admiration of the Wright Brothers. This picture of Charlie Taylor in front of the original 1953 AIAA Wright Flyer replica is a cherished memento of one of our visitors.

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