Preparations for Wind Tunnel Testing

Pete Zell, NASA wind tunnel manager, greets Bud Chamberlin, Jack Cherne, and the Wright Flyer

Marilyn Ramsey, Display Rep. and Graphic Artist,  adds tufts to the wing fabric.

Project Chief Engineer, 
Dr. Fred Culick, rigs one of the two propellers

Rich Grimm, Instrumentation Specialist, affixes an inclinometer to the wingtip

Re-assembly is almost complete after arrival at NASA Ames

In order to get historically correct data, we had to simulate the geometry of the 1903 Flyer exactly, including a model of Orville Wright himself

Tufts added by both NASA and Wright Flyer Project personnel will allow engineers to visualize the flow of air over the wings.

More instrumentation

We're proud of our work!

Working a wind tunnel test is not unlike any other large project - it requires teamwork.  Here, Pete Zell of NASA
briefs both NASA and Wright Flyer Project personnel in a Test Readiness Review prior to final installation.

"It's good to be the king!"
Jack Cherne, Wright Flyer Project Chairman, is interviewed by a local TV station.

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