With the replica installed in the 40' x 80' Ames Wind Tunnel, only a final inspection remains before we begin our testing. NASA Ames has an interactive 360 degree picture of the AIAA Wright Flyer installed in the 40' x 80' wind tunnel. You can "turn your head" with the mouse (click the button and drag the mouse), zoom in with the "shift" key, and zoom out with the "control" key.  (This file is 568k, and takes about 2 minutes to load over a 56k modem)   Requires Quicktime from Apple computer - both Macintosh and WinTel versions available.


This view of the replica is from the stilling chamber of the 40' x 80'. The stilling chamber is a segment of the tunnel immediately before the test section where all models are installed, and allows any turbulence in the air to settle out before it accelerates through the contraction into the test section.


During the test, members of the AIAA Wright Flyer Project populate the tunnel control room along with NASA personnel who actually operate the tunnel and move the replica. Shown here are Prof. Robert Joppa - subsonic wind tunnel specialist from the University of Washington, who agreed to consult for us on this test, Howard Marx - project co-chair, Liza Coe - NASA educational specialist and liaison on our project, John Latz - aerodynamicist and webmaster, Henry Jex - aerodynamicist and data analysis, and Craig Hange - NASA engineer responsible for data collection and reduction.

Field Journals - personal notes, reflections, and essays by those involved in the test are available online from NASA Quest.
Test Data - NASA has made available a limited amount of test data online for use by educators, researchers, and other non-commercial organizations, also from NASA Quest.

NASA Quest is a service of the Education Program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and is dedicated to bringing NASA people and science to classrooms through the internet.


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