Wind Tunnel Test Teammates

Some of the many contributors who helped make this test happen pose with the full-scale 1903 AIAA Flyer replica mounted in the NASA 40' x 80' National Full-Scale Aerodynamic Complex. Thanks, everyone.


After the test was over, American Red Ball Movers delivered our airplane to its new home at the FAA building in Los Angeles.

The AIAA Los Angeles Section greatly appreciates and acknowledges the contributions of DeVries Moving and American Red Ball Trucking Companies, which each donated the use of a moving van to transport our Flyer to NASA Ames from Los Angeles. This was no insignificant commitment on the part of either company as we planned several stops at schools and communities during our trip as part of our educational outreach program, turning a normal nine hour drive into nine days of travel. We would also like to acknowledge the driving teams of Lenny Riegel & Mugsy Malone (Red Ball) and Alan (DeVries) who displayed exceptional patience and took great care of our airplane. Without the generosity of both companies and the skill and enthusiasm of their drivers, moving our Flyer to and from NASA would not have been nearly as successful as it was.

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