AIAA Wright 
 Flyer Centennial Tour


The AIAA 1903 Wright Flyer Centennial Tour & Exposition
The national offices of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has developed a tour schedule for our full-scale wind tunnel replica which has been on display at the FAA Flight Deck in Hawthorne, CA. As part of the Evolution of Flight Campaign, AIAA will tour our 1903 Wright Flyer to various locations from October 2002 through December 2003. If you are interested in seeing our airplane, please make plans to visit one of these events.

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Date Venue Field Journals
(notes from the road)
September 26, 2002 Launch of Tour!
Lawndale, CA
FAA Flight Deck Museum
(by invitation only)
...Whew! Setting up the Tour Kickoff
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
Load 'Em Up!
  - Photos by Katherine Harris
  - Video courtesy Encore Cafe
October 5-6, 2002 Nellis AFB Open House,
Las Vegas, NV
Nellis Air Force Base
Celebrating our Nation's Finest
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
Arriving at Nellis AFB
0.5Mb in pictures, may take a while at 56kb
October 14-19, 2002 World Space Congress,
Houston, TX
George Brown Exposition Center
Setting up in Houston
Wright Flyer at the World Space Congress
  - Photos from Houston
Space Congress has Wright Stuff
  - The Houston Chronicle (external link)
October, 2002 - February 2003 New England Air Museum,
Windsor Locks, CT
Arriving at the New England Air Museum
0.5Mb in pictures, may take a while at 56kb
Reception and Open House
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
Replica of Wright Brothers' Biplane Lands at Air Museum
  - The Hartford Courant (external link, removed)
March 1 - May 10, 2003 Kennedy Space Center,
Cape Canaveral, FL
Visitor's Center
  - by Gary Moir
May 16-26, 2003 Festival of Flight,
Fayetteville, NC
Exposition Center Building
Hitting the floor in NC
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
They followed me home..... Can I keep them?
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
June 21-22, 2003 Van Nuys Aiport Aviation Expo,
Van Nuys, CA
We're home, nearly...
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
Pictures from Saturday
Photos with other classic aircraft
July 17-20, 2003 Dayton Air Show,
Dayton, OH
Exposition Center
Dayton International Airport
What's everybody looking at?
  - by Marilyn Ramsey
Dayton and Carillon Park
  - by Jim Mendrala
Pictures from the Dayton, OH AIAA Section
  External Link
More from Dayton
  - by Jim Mendrala
September 12 - 28, 2003 L.A. County Fair,
Fairplex Fairgrounds
Pomona, CA
Preliminary Pictures from the LA County Fair

More Scenes from the LA County Fair
October 25-26, 2003 Edwards Air Force Base Open House
Edwards Air Force Base, CA
Orville and Wilbur Wright at the 2003 Edwards Air Show
  - Edwards Press Release
October 28 - December 5, 2003 Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems
Former home of the project
1 Hornet Way, Building 902
El Segundo, CA
Coming home to Northrop
  - John Latz
December 17, 2003 Culmination of Tour
Lawndale, CA
FAA Flight Deck Museum
(by invitation only)
A-Mrazet Trucking
Our thanks to Bert Konle, our driver from A-Mrazek Moving Systems,
who has taken such special care of our airplane during the Centennial Tour.

The AIAA 1903 Wright Flyer Centennial Tour Panels
There will be twelve large storyboards traveling with the AIAA Wright Flyer. If you wish to view the storyboards, you may click on one of the small thumbnails (below). Each picture is large and hi-quality (roughly 1200x2100 pixels, and 500kb), so please be aware if you are downloading via a 56k modem.

Panel #1 Panel #2 Panel #3 Panel #4 Panel #5 Panel #6
Panel #7 Panel #8 Panel #9 Panel #10 Panel #11 Panel #12


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