Future Plans

The next meeting of the Wright Flyer Project is:

Ship #2 - Our Flyable Replica
The AIAA Wright Flyer Project is currently constructing a second replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer at the Zenith Flight Services facility in Riverside, CA. This is the replica we intend to fly in honor of the centennial celebration of the Wrights' achievement. We welcome visitors, but do request that you contact us prior to any visit.

Ship #1 - Our Wind Tunnel Replica
The first replica, that which went to the wind tunnel is available for viewing by the public. It is hanging in the FAA building in Lawndale, CA, and is subject to the new security measures, so walk in visits are prohibited. Please contact us if you wish to see it.

Photo Essays & Current Events
Photo essays of the construction of the second airplane will be made available here so you may follow our progress.

Flight Tests
As part of the continuing engineering analysis of the data obtained from the 1999 Wind Tunnel Test, the AIAA Wright Flyer Project was supported by flight tests of a Learjet 24D Variable Stability In-Flight Simulator aircraft modified to have the same handling characteristics of the Wright Flyer. These tests have prompted several questions as to how a 145 knot, jet airplane can possibly fly like a wood and fabric covered 27 knot biplane. Here we offer a brief explanation, oriented to the layman.

Nationwide Tour
The national offices of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is developing a tour schedule for our non-flyable replica. As part of the Evolution of Flight Campaign, AIAA will tour the 1903 Wright Flyer replica to various locations in the year leading up to December, 2003. If you are interested in seeing one of our airplanes, please make plans to visit one of these events.


Our Aircraft on the Sands or Kitty Hawk

Our 1903 Wright Flyer is the center attraction in building 7A at the L.A. County Fair The display is beautiful and probably one of the best so far. The Flyer is on "Kitty Hawk Sand" and the "Wright Memorial" is the mustard seed covered monument from the Pasadena Rose Parade this year. Along side of our aircraft is a full scale replica 1902 Wright Glider. Suspended above is a full scale 1891 Otto Lilienthal Glider and a 1896 Octave Chanute Glider. There are many more aviation and space exhibits on display as well as two "ridefilms," "Wings" and "Afterburn" will be shown in an iWERKS Reactor Simulator Theater, a full-motion based simulator.


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